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Fifteen year old Shiki has an average teenage life, Having only a father a guardian she is able to manage fairly well. On St.Patrick's Day, she finds a four leaf clover and, with her father sick in bed, wishes for a bigger family to help out. The next day she awakes to two girls..who look exactly like her! Apparently, Shiki had been "cloned" when she was a toddler and these two were the results of genetic transmutation! However these happy-go-lucky clones aren't quite perfect. So now Shiki and her father must travel to Londen and stay with a family friend, who has a very handsome son that Shiki immediatley falls for, in order for these two clones to learn more about their donor. Now these robots will never betray Shiki for they love her dearly and think of her as the oldest of the triplets. Shiki still has yet to warm up to the idea but nonetheless choose to help them "mature." Although they are loyal to her, and try to help her out the best way they ca(expecially with her crush Merin) things never turn out as planned... Too bad she never heard the phrase be careful what you wish for... COMING SOON !~

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November 28th, 2008, 10:19 pm

Spli+i+it launches!

Today marks the momentous date of the launch of Spli+i+it! Comics coming soon!

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